A Texas-Sized Debut

The Cupcake Bar on Fox 7 Austin

Everything is bigger in Texas, including grand openings. At the spr agency, we tackle challenges head first, which made the idea of a month-long grand opening for a new Austin master-planned community, Travisso, an especially exciting proposition.

The idea was both simple and complex. Stage a series of grand opening events over the course of a month, with a different theme and a different attraction each weekend. The culmination event? The largest Tiramisu ever created in the state of Texas. And it was Texas-shaped to boot!

Our team helped plan the events for months and they did not disappoint. One weekend, we made cupcakes on TV with The Cupcake Bar in Austin. Another, we gave away X-Games tickets. And then there was the Tiramisu…

Billed as the biggest Tiramisu in Texas, our team worked around the clock to secure as much press coverage as a giant cake could possibly get. In the end, the publicity (and the sugar) resulted in our biggest event of the month-long Festivo Travisso.



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