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Durasoil GTL

It’s an issue that reaches across a multitude of industries but seems to go virtually unnoticed on a daily basis. Dust. In its most basic form, it can seem like a nuisance. But the dangers of leaving dust unchecked are very real and result in work-related deaths every year. Yet very few people talk about the problem.

The basic reason for the lack of awareness boils down to the dust mitigation techniques used everyday. In many industries, water is used to control dust. In other industries, chemical solutions with a less than transparent provenance provide the dust control.

That was the scenario painted for the spr agency when we first partnered with Soilworks, an Arizona-based dust control and soil stabilization company seeking to shed more light on an industry thin on regulation and heavy on questionable solutions.

Durasoil GTL

The basis of our product launch for Soilworks was its new Durasoil GTL product, a patented, cutting-edge technology created from clean, affordable and abundant natural gas. The result is the purest, most efficient dust control product in the world.

Durasoil GTL has many applications in the construction, energy, military and mining industries, which is where we focused our attention in our media outreach. Applied to stabilize and control dust for such diverse applications as underground mining heavy-haul roads, remote dirt and gravel aircraft runways, border patrol roads, forestry roads and even military tank trails, the product was bolstered by the initial public relations work announcing a rigid certification process that Soilworks was the first to ever receive.

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As our public relations campaign continued, the science behind the product began convincing more and more editors of the significance of Durasoil. Beyond the product’s unique selling proposition was a company committed to being as innovative and cutting edge as possible.

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