Law Firm Marketing

If you’re familiar with law firm marketing then you also know one thing never changes: law firm marketing is always changing.

Chances are, the way you marketed your law firm two years ago doesn’t work as well today. And if your law firm marketing started before that, it’s a given your website will need updating.

That’s where the spr agency can help. We’re skilled marketers who for years have helped law firms succeed.

We’re well versed in building marketing campaigns that produce results. Our team of marketers work everyday to get your law firm noticed.

Now law firm marketing is changing again.

You can thank the rise of smartphones and phablets for the latest changes. Because of mobile search, ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPS) is difficult. Now, Google is making it harder.

The search engine giant recently announced that righthand ads will disappear. What does that mean for the future of law firm marketing?

  • No text ads on the righthand side of desktop search.
  • Four text ads (instead of three) at the top of each page.
  • Three text ads at the bottom of each page.
  • Less organic search space on each page.

Without these ads, lawyers must rely on smart campaigns that take advantage of organic search and paid search. We can help.

The truth is law firm marketing is always changing. That means your approach must always evolve.